3rd Joint NOWITECH/NORCOWE Workshop on Wind and Wakes 4. oktober 2012 - 5. oktober 2012

You are invited to participate in the Blind Test #2 (being the sequel of Blind Test #1, arranged in Bergen, Oct 2011) -  there is still time to join!

A few details about the meeting:


* The meeting will take place in Trondheim 4- 5 October. We will start at 11 a.m. on the 4th such that you might have time to fly in to Trondheim that morning. The meeting will start with a "Revisit to Blind Test #1" (results from BT1 will be published in Renewable Energy in the autumn) - continue with BT2 - dinner in the evening - resume BT2 next day - and finish the meeting at about 4 p.m. on the 5th.


 * A website with details about the programme for the meeting is available


 * We like to receive your simulation results before 10th September. The template for the submission of your data will be posted on the website before 10th August.

Please contact Lars Sætran (lars.satran(at)ntnu.no) to sign up for the workshop.


Read more about the blind test 








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