The Research Council of Norway established in 2009 eight national research centres to investigate renewable and energy efficient technologies. In 2011 three more centres were established, bringing the total to 11. The mid-term evaluation in 2013 of the initial eight centres was positive, extending the period of funding from five to a total of eight years.

The Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) each receives an annual allocation of up to NOK 20 million (€2.5 million) from the Research Council of Norway to pursue topics such as zero-energy housing; wind, solar and bioenergy generation; and carbon capture and storage. The funding from the RCN comprises a maximum of 50 % of the centres' annual budgets, with the remaining financial contribution coming from the partners and the host institution of the centres.

“These efforts will bring Norway into line with a widespread international trend that is being led by the USA and the EU, with active efforts being made in environmentally friendly technologies,” said Arvid Hallén, president of the Research Council of Norway, on launching the initiative.

Christian Michelsen Research AS hosts two of the FME centres: NORCOWE and SUCCESS, the latter focused on carbon capture and storage.


In addition to NORCOWE, also NOWITECH is focused on offshore wind energy, and the two centres collaborate both on projects and the hosting of seminars and workshops. NOWITECH is hosted by SINTEF.

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