Tuesday September 18th at CMR in Bergen: Joint Fraunhofer IWES and NORCOWE workshop on meteorology and oceanography for offshore wind farms. Dowload program.


Wednesday September 19th at Terminus Hall, Bergen: Offshore Wind Farms – Measurement and Control: Science Meets Industry. ArenaNOW and NORCOWE seminar day for all interested. Read teasers from speakers or download program.


Thursday September 20th: Internal NORCOWE day with seminars and important discussions. Download program.

Registration is closed, please contact the centre administration if you would like to participate; post(at)norcowe.no.

Location and accommodation:

  • Place: Terminus Hall, Zander Kaas gate 6, Bergen.
  • Accommodation: You can book room until September 1st at Grand Hotel Terminus, using reference code 2349454. Grand Terminus – Zander Kaaesgt. 6, 5015 Bergen - Telephone 55 21 25 00 - booking@ght.no - www.ght.no



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