SUMO - Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer - is the name of the model aircraft equipped with various meteorological sensors developed at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen. Professor Joachim Reuder manages the project, which sees support from Statoil. The aircraft has been tested on various occasions starting from the summer of 2007, including a measurement campaign of turbulence in a wind park in Lolland Denmark. Further campaigns are under planning.



NORCOWE's master student Line Båserud defended successfully her thesis on the 20th of June, entitled "Investigating the potential of turbulence measurements with the RPAS SUMO". RPAS stands for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. The data obtained from the RPAS SUMO must be adequately treated to separate the aircraft's own movement from the turbulence and wind profile measurements. For instance, only the straight paths of the trajectories are used for measurements, and must be isolated from the rest. Various probes have also been used to establish the best fit for the aircraft.



Line Båserud referred to both experiments in a wind tunnel as well as field trips undertaken with SUMO, comparing for instance the results obtained with a meteorological tower. Her supervisors were professor Joachim Reuder and associate professor Marius O. Jonassen at the Geophysical Institute.



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