NORCOWE and ECN started up their joint wind measurement campaign in week 44. The test site, belonging to ECN, is at Wieringermeer in the Netherlands, and one of the aims is to examine the turbine wake using LiDARs.



A vertical looking LiDAR measures the incoming wind field and the result is compared with the measurements of mast mounted cup anenometers. On one of the nacelles a forward-looking LiDAR is also operational, property of ECN, used for nowcasting.

NORCOWE's LiDAR instrumentation at ECN comprises one Zephir horizontal looking LiDAR, three Windcube V1 LiDARs and one Windcube 100S 3D scanning LiDAR. The equipment has been positioned both on the turbine nacelle and on the ground, with the aim of examining wake effects. Personnel from CMR and UoB visited the test site in week 44 to go over the instrumentation, test interfacing and make everything clear for the start of the tests. After having been serviced by Leosphere, the first test scans were made on the 29th of October showing promising results.

The campaign period will last until March 2014.

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