NORCOWE personnel from Christian Michelsen Research and the University of Bergen visited ECN's test site in the Netherlands at the end of October. The test site at Wieringermeer is the location of the NORCOWE and ECN joint measurement campaign, where the LiDAR's capabilities of capturing wake effects are put to the test. The campaign will also include the deployment of the SUMO aircraft, a very lightweight model aircraft equipped with meteorological sensors. 




As seen from the photos, the wind turbines are surrounded by farm land. To capture the wake of a single turbine the three Windcubes v1/v2 as well as the scanning LiDAR Windcube 100S have been positioned in the field, at various distances from the turbine, with permission from the farmers. The placement has been in accordance with the wishes from NORCOWE personnel working on modelling of the turbine wakes. Due to the rain the mud was everywhere, but all the LiDARs are now online and working.




One of the nacelle LiDARs is in operation, measuring the incoming flow, while a second LiDAR, examining the wake from the same position, will soon be installed. A met mast close by will provide additional data.

NORCOWE is very greatful for the excellent support provided by ECN during our visit. For the latest update on NORCOWE and ECN activities, please visit us at EWEA Offshore: booths 31B10/Norwegian Pavilion (NORCOWE) and 31E130 (ECN).


From the left: Geir Pedersen (CMR Instrumentation), Benny Svardal (CMR Instrumentation), Peter Eecen (ECN), Valerie Kumer (Geophysical Institute, UoB) and Jan Willem Wagenaar (ECN).



Presentation regarding the campaign 

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