Norcowe strenghtens its capacity for wind condition monitoring


Photo: Installation of a wind sensor on the main cables of Lysefjord bridge

Lysefjord bridge November 18, 2013.

One of the research topics addressed by NORCOWE is the influence of atmospheric stability on wind power production and wind turbine structural response. In addition to numerical analysis, it is planned to investigate this matter based on full-scale observations. For a thorough assessment of turbulent flow characteristics, NORCOWE has purchased three WindMaster Pro ultrasonic anemometers 1561-PK-020, by Gill Instruments. In a preliminary campaign prior to deployment in wind energy, the sensors are installed on Lysefjord bridge, where characterization of turbulent flow field across the fjord is essential for validation of computational models for wind-induced bridge vibrations. The wind records from the NORCOWE sensors will increase the data base on spatial flow characteristics along the bridge, in parallel with measurements of the bridge girder accelerations. The measurement campaign is managed by the University of Stavanger, with Professor Jasna Bogunoviċ Jakobsen and Prof. Jonas Thor Snæbjörnsson (Reykjavik University) as principle investigators. The work is supported by the Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA).


Photo: Jarle Berge (NPRA), Jasna B. Jakobsen and Jonas T. Snæbjörnsson

The NPRA has also approved funding for a pilot measurement campaign in 2014, in which a lidar will be introduced for a simultaneous monitoring of the wind field at the bridge location. The lidar measurements will be undertaken by Prof. Joachim Reuder’s research group from the University of Bergen. The pilot test campaign will spur off further research on the applicability of lidars for turbulence monitoring and for wind surveying for fjord crossings planned as part of Coastal Highway E39 project.


Text and photos: Jasna Bogunoviċ Jakobsen

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