NORCOWE Summer School 2015




This year’s NORCOWE summer school was hosted by NORCOWE in cooperation with NOWITECH at Hardingasete, Hardanger, Norway. The group of participants had a rich diversity, both in terms of background and nationality. The 26 participants from 15 countries, represented 10 different universities, 2 R&D institutions and 1 Industry Company. In the sixth edition of the NORCOWE summer school non-NORCOWE members counted more than half of the participants.  From 17th to 21st of August, we had seven lecture sessions mentioned beneath, group work and networking in beautiful surroundings. 



The mixture of people with different backgrounds gave fruitful interaction and discussions in both the lectures and the group work. Throughout the week, groups worked on tasks related to the lectures adding up to the main task; Make an outline of an offshore wind park addressing the different challenges covered by the lectures.  




The following lecturers presented a broad field of topics:

Kari Lurås, Statoil: Early Phase Development of a wind farm

Birgitte Furevik, Met: Environmental data for planning & design

Trond Kvamsdal, NTNU: Harvesting the wind energy

Jørgen Krokstad, Statkraft: The design challenges

Torben Knudsen, Aalborg University: Control of wind turbines & wind farms 

Jan-Fredrik Stadaas, Statoil: Execution of a wind farm project

Jørgen Krokstad, Statkraft: The economics of wind power




During the week, the participants were introduced to a broader perspective of the challenges related to offshore wind. We believe this is an important task in helping the PhD students to put their work into a wider context. Besides lectures and group work the participants got new acquaintances and sheared their knowledge and experiences with each other. In addition, many of the lecturers stayed most of the week, which gave opportunity for the participants to exchange knowledge and experiences in a smaller setting. The group as a whole had a great time together during both lectures and discussions, as well as enjoying the magnificent weather at the pier in the evening.



On behalf of the NORCOWE administration, we want to say thanks to our hosts, all participants and lecturers for a great Summer School! Particularly we want to thank Finn Gunnar Nielsen for chairing the Summer School committee and for arranging the lectures and the group work.


In Norwegian: Les saken til Sysla, med videoreportasje fra sommerskolen her.






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