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More than a hundred persons from research institutions and the industry showed up for the yearly offshore wind conference Science Meets Industry Bergen. The conference took place on Tuesday September 15 at the hotel Grand Terminus in the centre of Bergen. The conference is now in its fifth year and was arranged in collaboration with Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Official media partner of the event was Offshore Wind Industry.




The conference started with presentations regarding reference wind farms and turbines, a topic which is also part of the new IEA wind task 37. NORCOWE initiated the work with the reference wind farm in 2013, and has recently launched a website where all information and data files will be made available.

Cost reduction was the theme of the presentations from Statoil and Vattenfall, while Statkraft and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind/Vestas focused on challenges connected with large offshore wind turbines.


Jens Madsen, Vattenfall         

An update on the NORCOWE measurement campaign at FINO 1, close to the German coastline, was given by Svardal (CMR) and Reuder (University of Bergen). The campaign was initiated in May 2015, will last for one year, and includes a "Christmas list" of measurement sensors in the words of Joachim Reuder.

Further research by the University of Bergen on turbulence measurements was given by PhD student Line Båserud. She uses data obtained through the SUMO aircraft, an unmanned model aircraft weighing only about 600 grams fully equipped with sensors and battery pack.


The SUMO aircraft


Uni Research presented their newly developed wind farm module for the mesoscale model WRF which is due to be included in the official release next year. 



Networking and poster session, an essential part of the conference


Though not a part of NORCOWE as such, several of NORCOWE partners take part in the project DECOFF - Decision support for installation of offshore wind turbines. The project was first presented at Science Meets Industry Bergen in 2013 when it had just been awarded a three year funding from the Research Council of Norway. A workshop on the results obtained was held to selected industry partners at the end of August, while an overview was given to the audience at SMI Bergen by project manager Yngve Heggelund, CMR.

The University of Stavanger wrapped up the conference with a presentation by Charlotte Obhrai. One of their work tasks within NORCOWE has been to investigate wave impacts on jacket foundations, and Charlotte explained the difficulties in scaling the experiments. 


      Charlotte Obhrai, University of Stavanger


Next year Science Meets Industry Bergen will be replaced by the NORCOWE final conference, which will showcase the research from 8 years of FME funding. The conference will be open to the public.


Link to last year's event.

SMI Stavanger 2015



NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm - Results on O&M

John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Aalborg University

Dogger Bank Reference Wind Power Plant

Karl Merz, SINTEF


The DTU 10 MW Reference Wind Turbine

Christian Bak, DTU


Design Challenges for Large OWTs with Focus on Support Structures

Jørgen Krokstad, Statkraft


Metocean Challenges (available for NORCOWE members at ProjectPlace, but may be available on web later)

Line Storelvmo Holmberg, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind/Vestas


OBLEX-F1 Offshore Boundary Layer Experiment at Fino 1

Joachim Reuder and Benny Svardal, University of Bergen and CMR


Wind Turbine Wake Measurements with the RPAS SUMO

Line Båserud, University of Bergen


Including a Wind Farm Module in WRF - What Do We Gain?

Idar Barstad, Uni Research


How Can Technology Contribute to Cost Reduction in Offshore Wind? (available for NORCOWE members at ProjectPlace)

Knut Bech, Statoil


Cost Reduction for Offshore Wind Energy ... a Vattenfall Perspective

Jens Madsen, Vattenfall


Decision Support for Installation of Offshore Wind Turbines. Status and Preliminary Results

Yngve Heggelund, CMR

Uncertainties and scale effects in breaking wave loads on marine structures

Charlotte Obhrai, University of Stavanger




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