New reference measurements system at FINO1


In order to improve quality and capabilities of the reference metmast measurements at FINO1, DEWI has recently upgraded the acquisition modules and data logging system on the research platform. The new measurement system amongst other enables higher frequency data sampling (typically 1Hz), as compared to the previous limitation of 10 min average data. Before switching over to the new system, it was tested in parallel with the existing setup over a long period in order to secure continuity with previous measurements.

New sensors have also been installed for temperature and humidity, which have been proven to provide improved reliability and higher long term precision compared to the old sensors.


Photo: Benny Svardal


In addition a new Windcube V1 lidar has been installed next to the metmast at FINO1. The lidar has been in operation since beginning of September, and will be deployed for the duration of the OBLEX-F1 campaign. CMR has secured access to the data from this lidar to provide NORCOWE partners with additional vertical wind profile reference measurements.

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