The EERA DeepWind 2016 conference was held in Trondheim on January 20-22. In 2017 the conference will take place on January 18-20, same place as usual.

Below are links to the presentations and posters held by/in collaboration with NORCOWE researchers. We congratulate Professor Joachim Reuder and colleagues for their award winning poster.



From the opening session:

Cooperation as a key to cost reductions for offshore wind

Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, NORCOWE/CMR


From the sessions on met-ocean conditions:

Boundary-Layer Study of FINO1

Martin Flügge (CMR), Benny Svardal (CMR), Mostafa B. Paskyabi (UiB), Ilker Fer (UiB), Stian Stavland (CMR), Joachim Reuder (UiB), Stephan Kral (UiB) and Valerie M. Kumer (UiB)


Coherence of turbulent wind under neutral wind conditions at FINO

Charlotte Obhrai, University of Stavanger, and Lene Eliassen, NTNU


Assessment of offshore wind coherence by pulsed Doppler lidars

Etienne Cheynet (UiS), Jasna B. Jakobsen (UiS), Benny Svardal (CMR), Joachim Reuder (UiB) and Valerie M. Kumer (UiB)


Turbulent Structure over Air-Sea Wavy Interface: Large-Eddy Simulation

Mostafa B. Paskyabi, Unversity of Bergen


From the session on Wind Farm Optimization:

A continuously differentiable turbine layout optimization model for offshore wind farms

Arne Klein, University of Bergen


From the session on Numerical Reference Wind Farms:

NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm

Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, NORCOWE/CMR (with main contributions from Angus Graham and Alla Sapronova from Uni Research and Thomas Bak, John D. Sørensen, Mihai Florian and Masoud Asgarpour from Aalborg University)


From the poster session:

OBLO instrumentation at FINO1

Martin Flügge (CMR), Benny Svardal (CMR), Mostafa B. Paskyabi (UiB), Ilker Fer (UiB), Joachim Reuder (UiB), Stian Stavland (CMR) and Stephan Kral (UiB)


Proof of concept for wind turbine wake investigations with the RPAS SUMO

Joachim Reuder, University of Bergen


Nonlinear wave propagation and breaking in the coastal area

Mostafa B. Paskyabi, University of Bergen


Lagrangian study of turbulence structure near the surface area

Mostafa B. Paskyabi and Helge T. Bryhni, University of Bergen


Risk and reliability based maintenance planning for offshore wind farms using Bayesian statistics

Mihai Florian, Masoud Asgarpour and John D. Sørensen, AAlborg University


About the NORCOWE spin-off project, DECOFF:

Evaluation of ensemble prediction forecasts for estimating weather windows

Birgitte R. Furevik, John B. Bremnes, Magnar Reistad, MET




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