More than a hundred persons were gathered for the NORCOWE 2016 conference - two days of examining and discussing the research brought about by NORCOWE in its 8 years of existence. Below you will find most of the presentations.


We would like to thank all the speakers and persons present and hope to see many of you at our forthcoming conference on the 8th of November - Science Meets Industry Bergen. Welcome!


All photos: Marit Hommedal


Presentations Wednesday September 14th:

Overview over NORCOWE - Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR)

The FME scheme
    The FME scheme – from the Research Council of Norway’s perspective, Harald Rikheim
    The FME scheme – from the host institution’s perspective, Arvid Nøttvedt, Christian Michelsen Research AS
    The FME scheme – coping with a turbulent industry, Erik Stensrud Marstein, Solar United/IFE

The impact of NORCOWE
    PhD student Line Båserud, University of Bergen
    Professor Geir Hovland, University of Agder
    Professor Peter M Haugan, University of Bergen
    PhD student Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, Shoreline and University of Stavanger
    Scientist Jan Willem Wagenaar, ECN
    Vice president Jostein Mælan, StormGeo

Summary and highlights from NORCOWE
    Introduction – Finn Gunnar Nielsen, University of Bergen
    Measurements – Joachim Reuder, University of Bergen
    Loads – Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen, University of Stavanger
    Norwegian Motion Lab – Geir Hovland, University of Agder
    Maintenance – John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Aalborg University
    NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm – Angus Graham, Uni Research
    NORCOWE from a user partner’s perspective – Henriette Undrum, Statoil

    GWIND - Arnfinn Nergaard, University of Stavanger
    Decision support for installation of offshore wind turbines – Yngve Heggelund, CMR


Presentations Thursday September 15th:

Session A, Met-ocean measurements and numerical weather prediction

The NORCOWE measurement dataset
    Keynote: Measurements and simulations of wind turbine wakes in on-shore wind farms, Julie Lundquist, University of Colorado Boulder/NREL
    Lidar measurement highlights, Valerie Kumer, University of Bergen
    OBLEX-F1: Atmosphere, Martin Flügge, CMR
    OBLEX-F1: Ocean, Mostafa Bakhoday, University of Bergen
    Environmental monitoring at Havsul 1, Dominique Durand, Uni Research

Progress in measurement and modelling techniques
    Keynote: State of the art in mesoscale modeling and validation for offshore and coastal wind resources: Results from the RUNE and NEWA projects, Andrea Hahmann, DTU
    NORCOWE’s contribution to improvements in measurement methods and measurement techniques, Martin Flügge, CMR
    Downscaling of reanalysis and NWP data, Torge Lorenz, Uni Research
    Wind resources, Idar Barstad, Uni Research
    A CFD based fast method for wind farm layout and energy calculations, Yngve Heggelund, CMR
    CFD of wind wave interaction, Siri M Kalvig, University of Stavanger

Session B: Wind-farm operations, maintenance, control and optimisation
    Keynote: Wind farm control, Bill Leithead, Strathclyde University
    Model based wind farm control, Tom Nørgaard Jensen, Aalborg University
    Risk-based operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, Mihai Florian, Aalborg University
    Simulating operation and maintenance with agent based models, Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, University of Stavanger
    Health assessment of pitch and yaw systems for offshore wind turbines, Surya Teja Kandukuri, University of Agder
    Working the tide - operational experience from Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, Andrea Eugster, Statoil
    Integration of offshore wind in the grid – challenges and solutions, Zhe Chen, Aalborg University
    Slamming forces on the truss structure, modeling and wave tank tests, Jithin Jose, University of Stavanger
    Turbulence and its impact on fatigue, Abhijit Chougule, University of Agder
    Forecasting single-variable weather windows with very high degree of certainty, John Bjørnar Bremnes, MET

NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm
    NORCOWE RWF – main results so far, Thomas Bak, Aalborg University
    NORCOWE RWF – the international perspective, Angus Graham, Uni Research

The future of offshore wind and major research gaps
    Cecilie Kvamme, Institute of Marine Research
    Jan Willem Wagenaar, ECN
    Line Storelvmo Holmberg, Vestas
    Huw Williams, Carbon Trust
    Hiroshi Matsumoto, Innovation Norway






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