NORCOWE - Norwegian Research Cluster for Offshore Wind Energy

NORCOWE is a network of research partners within offshore wind thematics and technology, established in September 2017. Our aim is to improve the collaboration between the partners, between academia and industry, as well as presenting new knowledge within offshore wind energy to a wider audience. The network is administrated by NORCE, with network partners represented through the board committee. The network membership is by invitation only.


The legacy of FME NORCOWE

The NORCOWE network was established after the closure of the FME centre NORCOWE, which was active between 2009 and 2017. As an FME centre, NORCOWE was 50% financed by the Research Council of Norway, and consisted of the research partners CMR, Uni Research, University of Bergen, University of Stavanger, University of Agder and Aalborg University, as well as several national and international industry partners, including Statoil and Statkraft. The final report and the annual reports give a good overview of the research and activities of the centre. Several popular science articles are also available on our website. A summarizing conference which looked at the impact and research of FME NORCOWE was held in September 2016, and the presentations can be found here.


The FME centre NORCOWE pioneered the definition of a reference wind farm, available through a dedicated website, and invested time and funds in infrastructure like the Norwegian Motion Laboratory, the Offshore Boundary-Layer Observatory, and a mobile motion lab, all of which are available for rent. 


The FME centre NORCOWE hosted the annual offshore wind conferences Science Meets Industry Bergen and Science Meets Industry Stavanger, and the NORCOWE network aims to continue this tradition. Science Meets Industry Stavanger is co-hosted and sponsored by Greater Stavanger, in collaboration with Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.


The FME centre NORCOWE ran several successful measurement campaigns, and we are working on making the data available through an on-line database with search and filter possibilities. NORCOWE is also interested in organizing workshops around the usage of these data.






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